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MHE Warriors Scavenger Hunt
Mission and Purpose

Hi, it’s been a while. While COVID initially impaired our ability to host the event, it was rather ironically MHE that’s stopped us in more recent years. We’re up to 14 surgeries, and not exactly done quite yet. I suppose I should just rather address things in general terms for those who are new though.


I’m Caleb, nice to meet you! I’ve been dealing with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses for about as long as I can remember, and I’m not sure any of those memories have been particularly pleasant. At the age of 9 I made the decision to host a local fun run to raise funds to cure MHE all together, and we continued that fun run until COVID 19 stopped all public gatherings. With that break, and two more surgeries closely afterwards, we took a step back and reevaluated our ideas for the event. We decided that it was rather unfair that people with MHE couldn’t really run, and after thinking on that issue for a bit came to this year's new event, the Warriors for MHE Quest for a Cure.


Inspired by escape rooms and puzzles and things of the sort, Quest for a Cure hopes to bring an event that’s fun for the whole family, and doesn’t leave anyone out. We sincerely hope this new idea works out, it was amazingly fun to set up, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too!



Caleb and Stacy

Chairpersons, Warriors For MHE


Kickoff will begin at 9:30 AM at the Fibermax Center for Discovery. 

1121 Canyon Lakes Dr, Lubbock, Texas 

Quest will begin at 9:30 AM and we will meet back at the Fibermax Center for Discovery for food, live music and raffles.  The event will continue rain or shine. 


Cost will be as follows:

  • $20.00 for ages 18 and over 

  • $10.00 for ages 6-17 and

  • 5 and under are free.

Teams may consist of any number of participants, with a maximum of 5. You
do not have to be part of a team to participate. Individual entries will be
accepted, but you will be required to have a team name.


Safety is our number one concern. Please drive carefully and be courteous to others. There are no extra points for finishing early. For everyone’s safety, please follow all traffic laws and any relevant communications from volunteers. Do not text and drive.

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Packets will be picked up at 10 AM at the Fibermax Center for Discovery.  Please meet back at the Fibermax Center for Discovery at 12:00 PM.  Food, live music and raffles will begin at noon and conclude at 1:30 PM.


Packets will include 5 clues for 5 locations across Lubbock.  For each location found raffle tickets will be earned for each member of the team.  Please provide your team name and number of members to the volunteer at each location to receive raffle tickets.  Site locations may be completed in any order.


To ensure integrity of the quest, please do not post pictures on social media until after the quest is completed.


To add a little fun to the day, we will award bonus raffle tickets for best team costume and best team name.

Meet Caleb - Our Inspiration!

Thank You To Everyone Who Supported The Warrior Run 2019!

Please Enjoy This Video Recap 

Check Out Caleb's Speech At The 2018 Run!

A True #Warrior!

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