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MHE Warriors Scavenger Hunt
Mission and Purpose

My name is Caleb, and I was diagnosed with a rare genetic bone disorder, Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE), at the age of two. I have had twelve surgical procedures, with more planned. Currently, the only treatment for this disease is orthopedic surgery. MHE affects only 1 in 50,000 people. Due to the rarity of this disease, medical research and research funding is limited.


I have a desire to help others with this condition. I am asking that you join me in my efforts to raise money for research with hope of finding a cure so that one day, MHE can be resolved with medication, and not surgery.


On October 15, 2022, my family will be hosting a city-wide scavenger quest. I have traditionally held a 5K and had great success, but wanted to reboot my event in a fun, new way. All funds will go directly to The MHE Research Foundation. This foundation is managed by all volunteers and was established by a family whose son also has MHE. They are passionate about finding a cure and we are honored to support them. The quest will be city wide, and we will have closing ceremonies at Patterson Park, Wolfforth, Texas. I have included a link to The MHE Research Foundation website.


Please join in my dream of finding a cure by considering one of our sponsorship opportunities. Please visit our site at: or Facebook – Warriors for MHE for additional information. Thank you.



Caleb Gilbert and Stacy Gilbert

Chairpersons, Warriors For MHE


The Quest will begin at 10 AM and The Quest portion will conclude at 12 PM.
Closing Ceremonies will be from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM at Patterson Park, 115
Park Road, Wolfforth, Texas. The event will continue, rain or shine.


Cost will be as follows:

  • $20.00 for ages 16 and over 

  • $10.00 for ages 6-15 and

  • 5 and under are free.


Virtual Participation Cost - $25.00 per team. Virtual participants will only participate in the side quests and trivia portion of the event and will only be eligible for the virtual prize. We are sorry but due to the nature of the event, there will be no refunds.

Teams may consist of any number of participants, with a maximum of 5. You
do not have to be part of a team to participate. Individual entries will be
accepted, but you will be required to have a team name.


Safety is our number one concern. Please drive carefully and be courteous to others. There are no extra points for finishing early. For everyone’s safety, please follow all traffic laws and any relevant communications from volunteers. Do not text and drive.

You will need a smart device to participate. Please make sure that your device is fully charged prior to starting The Quest. You will also need to join the Warriors for MHE – Quest for a Cure Facebook Group.
Warriors for MHE - Quest for a Cure | Facebook


When registering, provide a valid email address and verify accuracy before submitting. Add to your contacts to better insure you receive correspondence regarding The Quest.

At closing ceremonies, we will have live music from Jason Duncan and Texas 114 and Food Trucks for lunch.  Welcome presentations at 12:30 PM, followed by lunch. We will announce winners and award prizes beginning at 1:30 PM.

This is a family event; any inappropriate videos or images will disqualify the entire team.  If you need additional help, please contact us via Facebook
Messenger, email –, or find a volunteer.

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Clues and Side Quest guide will be emailed at 10AM. A test email will be sent the day before to verify email addresses. Please contact Warriors for MHE if you do not receive a test email.


The Quest will conclude promptly at 12 PM.  The Quest will consist of 5 locations and additional Side Quests.

The Quest - Your team will need to solve a riddle to reveal each of the 5 locations. Once you arrive at the location site, you will provide your team’s name to the Warriors for MHE volunteer for point credit. For the integrity of the Quest, please do not post photos or video of the site locations until Quest is complete. Site locations can be completed in any order.

Additional Side Quests - Allows your team to earn extra points. When a Side Quest is complete, immediately post picture or video to the Warriors for MHE – Quest for a Cure Facebook Group. The post must include team name as a hashtag. For example, #knightsofthesquaretable.

Every 10 minutes, starting at 10:10, Trivia Questions will be posted to the Warriors for MHE – Quest for a Cure Facebook Group. Your team will earn points if you are one of the first 3 to answer correctly. Answer must include team name as a hashtag. For example, #knightsofthesquaretable.

A panel of judges will judge and award bonus points. Please see Point Guide for additional bonus point opportunities.


Found Location: 100 Points
Picture Side Quest: 10 Points
Video Side Quest: 20 Points
Correct Trivia Answers

  • First Correct Answer: 20 Points

  • Second Correct Answer: 10 Points

  • Third Correct Answer: 5 Points


Best Team Shirts: 20 Points

Best Costume: 20 Points

Best Decorated Car: 20 Points

Best Team Name: 10 Points


1 st Place $250.00
2 nd Place $100.00
3 rd Place $ 50.00

Must be present to win above prizes


Virtual Winner - Gift Card $ 50.00

Meet Caleb - Our Inspiration!

Thank You To Everyone Who Supported The Warrior Run 2019!

Please Enjoy This Video Recap 

Check Out Caleb's Speech At The 2018 Run!

A True #Warrior!

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