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Welcome To The MHERF Newsletter Page!


Believe it or not…Two moms whose paths crossed while desperately seeking answers for their sons, Vincent & Robert, both suffering from MHE, was the beginning of something great!


Remember! - back in 2006, MHE was practically unheard of and we were in the dark as resources were very scarce. It was then, in 2006, that The MHE Research Foundation was founded by Susan & Craig Eaton and Sarah Ziegler.

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But…MHE certainly was on unfamiliar ground when messing with these two moms! 


After many hours of phone conversations comparing their stories about surgeries, pain & the struggles of their sons living with MHE there was no doubt that something had to be done!! Once they joined forces, The MHE Research Foundation moved forward rather quickly and has become the #1 resource for MHE Research, Education, Advocacy, and Clinical information in regards to MHE.


And most importantly, HOPE!

We are so pleased that through much dedication & hard work we are able to help so many people. Through our fundraising, we support the necessary research and medical conferences that have brought us to the first ever clinical trial for MHE!  The O’Brien & Gilbert Families, whose sons also both suffer from MHE, have joined forces with us in our mission to raise funds for a cure.  


Until MHE is no more, we will continue to fight the fight and we welcome anyone that

would like to join us in our mission!

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Meet Our Inspiration!


 Vincent Eaton 

 Robert Ziegler 

 Dawson O'Brien 

 Caleb Gilbert 

Join Us In Our Fight!

Who are you fighting for?

Send us your pictures with names and we'll update our website with you and your loved ones.  You'll also be featured in our next newsletter!  We know we're not alone!  

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