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To all our friends & family in the MHE Community,

We are so very proud of all our MHE patients and their families who supported and participated in the Ipsen clinical drug trial for Palovarotene. Your hard work, courage and determination in helping us find a cure is immeasurable. To all of our disappointment, back in December Ipsen put a hold on this drug trial. It was at that moment that we strived to work even harder to get the study back on track in order for the drug trial to continue. Even with all of our efforts at The MHE Research Foundation, and the extraordinary efforts of our Doctors, Researchers, Clinicians and all of your support, Ipsen decided not to proceed.

Since the beginning of our journey in 2006, The MHE Research Foundation set out with one find a cure! And we have never wavered in this commitment and we will never stop until this mission is achieved! We too are moms and dads of children with MHE, and know how important a cure for MHE is to those afflicted and their families, friends and loved ones.

Each of us learned valuable lessons during this drug trial and we have gained a greater understanding of the process, the trials, tribulations, rewards and pitfalls of the long and tedious drug trial process. Working with our dedicated Board of Directors and medical professionals, we have been and will continue to explore all other options available in this fight. Thankfully our Scientific Advisory Board researchers, which are funded by the Foundation and work closely with our Board, have been and continue to work on potential drugs which we are hopeful may very well provide the cure that we so desperately seek for those afflicted and suffering from this disease.

It is with great belief, hope and optimism that we continue on our journey to work hard in finding a cure. We are all in this together and need to remain strong and positive as we further embark on this journey to a cure together.

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